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Kevin McKeon

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)



Kevin McKeon is currently a junior at Pennsylvania College of Technology studying Building Construction and Residential Construction Management, and has recently rejoined the team because he strongly believes that ALL students deserve to right to learn in a safe environment and that he can help make a difference. Kevin graduated in 2010 from Council Rock High School South. In high school Kevin joined the high school theatre club where he met Joey. He and Joey became very close which eventually led to the creation of The Equality Project Ltd.He was also in boy scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2007 and still goes back to visit and volunteer his time. Through Boy Scouts he has learned valuable things about working with others and how to be a leader.He is a bright individual that wants to make a change in the world. He believes that through The Equality Project Ltd. that he can leave his own footprint on the educational system, and that he will be able to say that he IS a part of a movement. A movement made possible by all of you.


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Ryan Ness

Social Media Manager



Ryan is currently 18 years old and is graduating from Brookline High in Bookline MA. He plans will be attending the Emmanuel College in fall to study Biology. When he graduates he hopes to continue his education by going to grad school to pursue a degree in something that allows him to do medical research. Ryan joined The Equality Project because he was abused as a child and bullied all throughout school. He is documenting what he went through in an 3 part book series that will hopefully raise awareness about abuse and bullying because he believes it is something that should never occur because of what it does to a childs future. Ryan saw The Equality Project as a great forum to use to spread aweness and so far has loved every moment of it.



Ben Ziemba




My name is Ben Ziemba, Im currently 17, turning 18 September 20th! Im president of my school, Clinton High School, and founder of the GSA here. I wanted to become part of the Equality Project because growing up, I always knew I was gay, and at 16 I found the strength to come out, and if I could have a way to help others do the same, I would feel accomplished. I hope to go onto college next year on the prelaw tract, with a business minor.



Event Manager

Open Position



Cory Baney

Cory Baney

Merchandise Manager


Cory is a 22 year old college student currently pursuing his Master’s Degree of Science in Entertainment Business through Full Sail University and has already graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Cory is originally from Williamsport, PA but is now living in Winter Park, FL until he finishes school. In High School he helped to create a GSA at his school so that the LGBT students had a safe place to meet. Now that he is in college, he is an active member of Full Sail University’s Lift Club, which is their GSA.


Justin Clay

Justin Clay

Service Manager



Justin is 23 years old and lives in Columbus, GA. While in high school, he learned American Sign Language. He has since been a volunteer in the Deaf community, from tutoring to teaching sign language. He plans to return to school to become a Social Worker and ASL interpreter. Justin joined The Equality Project to help give a voice to all bullied students.


Concert Manager – Open Position


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The Equality Project is always open to new opportunities, and therefore has a very broad spectrum of positions. Not all will be filled at once, but if you feel you may have skills in a certain field then click here, and we will be in contact!