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The Equality Project offers a variety of services, which are listed below.


Since the Formulation of The Equality Project Ltd. We have had a strong focus on the importance of education. One way we educate is through speeches. The speeches discuss the struggles that many youth can relate to.  The speech should last around 45-60 minutes, and usually leads into a powerful discussion with the audience. If you are interested in having a speech, contact us by clicking here.


Our workshops were created to help educate the educators. Teachers are most times the first people that are approached when a student is having a problem regarding bullying. Teachers all over the world aren’t really sure how to handle the situation or they have their own ways of taking care of the situation that probably differs from their coworkers. Through our workshops we’ll address the reasons kids are bullied, why students bully each other and how these situations should be handled. If you are interested in having a workshop at your school, contact us by clicking here.

An Online Community

The Original goal of The Equality Project was to simply be an online community where kids could go online and vent about the struggles they had in school. It was a place where people were able to open a dialogue that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. The project has expanded, BUT we still focus on the importance of social networking to students. It can be a place where bullying can be all too apparent, but it can also be a place where kids can feel safe, if they find the right places to do so. If you would like to talk to someone about issues you are having, click here.