United States


Mission Statement

The mission of The Equality Project is to give those victims who are quiet the confidence to be loud, and to inspire others to inspire others. This group wishes to achieve equality in all schools through challenging and working alongside administrators to find a solution to the unfortunately common problem of bullying in the Educational System. It truly believes in equality for all people, not just for a certain sexual orientation, race, religion, or look. We will be presenting around America to educate students and administrators alike about the problem students face every day. This problem is bullying. The other major aspect overlooked in the educational system is the idea of segregation based on income. We plan to continue to question why people who tend to be more affluent get a better education than those that may be living in a poorer area. Since the start of the project this group has expanded in size and if that trend continues, change will become a reality — for it only takes one to start a movement, but it takes millions to finish it.